Saturday, August 23, 2008

Learn To Quilt - It'll Keep You In Stitches

Learning to quilt is so much fun, and it can be daunting with all of the information on the Internet. Hopefully, my blog will help you to Learn To Quilt - It'll Keep You In Stitches!

I started quilting about 1 1/2 years ago, and I LOVE it! I've made new friends, connected with the past with a skill my grandmother's used, and found a way to decompress after a week's frustrations at work.

My son moved out when he left for college, and guess where I put my sewing room? Which reminds me, he's coming home for a few days next week. Guess I'd better clean off his bed...

When I walk into the sewing room, a calm comes over me. I can stop worrying about work, money problems, and all the cleaning that isn't getting done.

I take a lot of classes at my LQS (that's quilterese for Local Quilt Shop) but I have learn a LOT off of various websites on the Internet. You can find answers for any question or problem you have. You can find free patterns, download ebooks, watch videos, join forums, spend hours looking at fabric, and get new ideas.

On my Squidoo Lens, Learn To Quilt - It'll Keep You In Stitches, I have found some ebooks that will help everyone, from beginners to experts. I plan to update with more links, and if you have suggestions for ebooks that you've found, leave me a comment and I'll add it to my lens!

If you're not a quilter, just take a trip to a LQS. Wander around and look at the fabric. Bet you can't do it without touching it! You'll see other quilters oohing and ahhing, feeling the fabric, with their eyes glazed over. Then thumb through some books, and look at patterns. Ask about beginners classes. Classes are SO much fun!!

I hope you decide to Learn To Quilt - It'll Keep You In Stitches!!

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